Well, duh!

So, in the midst of my aggravation over the tent needing to be replaced and how best to secure the new one, I happened to look out the side window and had a “Why didn’t I think of that before?” moment.

In the side yard to our house is a concrete pad with a deck platform built on to it that I’ve got slated for later destruction to make room for our future deck project. A quick measurement revealed that it is just right in size for the portable carport, it’s flat and assumed to be level, so none of the worries I’d have with the other location and I can easily and very securely mount it and anchor it down so that there is no concern for the wind anymore!

I guess it never occurred to me before as I had/have a bunch of things on it waiting their turn to be the project of the day and none of them need to stay there. So, I’ll be getting that cleared off tomorrow and maybe possibly getting the tent back up and anchored as well so we can get on with the first step in the boat build; construction of the frame pieces.

At any rate, I’ll be ready to roll with the next video soon.

Tight lines and God Bless,


About Gil

Fishing guide and owner of Greasy Creek Outfitters (www.greasycreekoutfitters.com) and interested in tent and rv camping, extreme weather camping, mysterious tales and much more as well as...fishing, of course!
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