Recon Day Trip!

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Today we went for a ride into West, By God, Virginia to take a look at future camp site locations. Glad we did it with just the truck! We wanted to look at Thayer Campground in Thurmond, WV. Beautiful area, scary trip with the snow on the roads, but they were easily passable although the roads were narrow into the area. We did not go the last bit to the campground as once you come to the last left turn in Thurmond, which is extremely remote, the road was not plowed and there was a large, frozen mud puddle in the middle of the road. I am sure that I could have navigated in, but if I had gotten stuck, it would have been trouble!

On the way in, we found several spots for future fly fishing trips and stumbled across Stone Cliff Camping area, which the camping areas are currently under water from flooding but there is a large, easily navigated by an RV parking lot and there is nothing to indicate that you can’t pull in and park although I wouldn’t get too close to the edge of the parking area as there is a spot on the edge with no parking signs that clearly has collapsed at some point!

There are two pit toilets, male and female, nearby that were open as there are no doors, just walls. We will be visiting this one in the near future with an RV rental. Keep in mind, the road to this site is very narrow and we did come across some traffic on the way in and out, since it is only accessible through one road. If you venture beyond Stone Cliff with an RV, I wouldn’t try it with anything much larger than an 18′ model and you had best be hauling it with a 4 wheel drive as the roads are steep and narrow.

If you go in the winter time, do so at your own risk. There are some really sharp curves in this road, beginning with a hard right as soon as you cross the bridge that you have to turn on to right out of the campground.

As far as beauty goes, it is 5 stars though. There are several spots along the road in that I will be going back to fly fish on and I’ll record videos of this. As a matter of fact, at one spot there is a stream that is clearly marked “Fly Fishing Only” that I cannot wait to wet a line in!

On the way back out, we found a gorgeous waterfall that couldn’t be seen on the way in and I plan to get in the water below this when we do go back!

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