The first adventure…

I had posted a snippet with a picture about a really neat camper styled after an old VW bus that is really cool and we were going to rent to take on an adventure but I can’t seem to get hold of the owner so I guess they aren’t renting anymore.

However, I found another camper for rent that, fortunately has a very responsive owner that replied to me and we’ll be doing that instead. It’s a better choice for a winter trip anyway as it is larger and has a full dry bath to keep us comfortable.

Here’s a pic:

Our first trip is going to be very close by to Dixie Caverns where we can camp for a couple days, do a video review of the camper itself (and a plug for the owners, who seem very nice and are very responsive)….and I can also debut a story I found on the interwebs about a couple of guys that found a hole inside of a cave and had some very strange things happen to them as they opened the hole up to discover what lay beyond. It’s a really good tale with a very ominous ending. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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I promise that we’ll be adding lots of interesting content over the next few months including fishing and extreme camping pics that you’re sure to love. Something for everyone, you could say!

May your lines stay tight and your imagination active.

About Gil

Fishing guide and owner of Greasy Creek Outfitters ( and interested in tent and rv camping, extreme weather camping, mysterious tales and much more as well, of course!
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