Shut up and fish!

Last weekend, I had a great group of anglers come to float with us on the New for two days.  It was especially good because last year we had to scrub their trip because of a massive amount of rain that blew the river out…much like the past two days.


Chris S and a citation New river smallie- 20inches and 5lbs.

Not this time though! Chris and his crew of anglers made their way up for a trip and the New cooperated. They did come and they did fish, but there wasn’t a lot of shutting up going on, in spite of Chris’ hat which read: “Shut up and fish!” Those of you that fish with me regularly know I do talk a lot on the water. I talk about the current bottom structure, areas to cast and inquire about who you are and where your from as well as relating a lot of irrelevant things. There is a method to my madness though; as said before, fishing is somewhat like the lottery and you may go a lot of ‘tickets’ between wins. Talking while you’re ‘playing’ helps relax you and get a rhythm and keeps you from getting frustrated. It’s a time to recount past trips, successes and failures and be out there for what you really came for…and true fishermen know it isn’t just the fish!

Here are some other pictures from the two day trip that are something to talk about:

Dan N and 19 and a half 4.5lb smallieSmall

Dan N. and a 19.5 inch, 4.5lb smallie

Nga and 19inDay2Small

Nga B and a beautiful 19″ smallie that she won’t be ‘shutting up’ about soon!


Nga and 17 inSmall

Nga also boated this 17″ smallie on the New


Chris S and another nice smallmouth he stirred up.


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