The 2013 season is here!

Billy Cook starts the season off right!

???????????????????????????????Billy Cook of North Carolina starts the Greasy Creek Outfitters 2013 season off right with this 8lb, 27″ walleye!
We hit the water Saturday morning with the hopes of seeing a first muskie for Billy and instead were rewarded with this beautiful walleye.

On this cold day, the water temps made fishing slow, but Billy’s son, Bill also walked away with a nice 17″ 4lb smallie for the memory books. Look how light her coloring is- she’s been on the bottom!

Now that we’ve indoctrinated the 2013 season right, I promise to bring you updates often. It’s been a hard winter with the river hitting record levels and remaining unfishable, but we’re back and we’re ready!

About Gil

Fishing guide and owner of Greasy Creek Outfitters ( and interested in tent and rv camping, extreme weather camping, mysterious tales and much more as well, of course!
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