Why do we fish? By Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater, Greasy Creek Outfitters


Fisherman (Photo credit: Hickatee)

If you ask any fishermen that question, the answers you get will vary among those you ask, but I think you’ll also find a common theme: solitude. Even when you’re out with friends casting to an illusive quarry, you have a sense of peace and tranquility that you can’t get any other time, save for hunting. It’s about getting in touch with the outdoors and your Creator while you test your mettle against your quarry. Many fishermen out there never or, like myself, rarely keep what they catch, but there is a sense of accomplishment in the simple knowledge that if you had to, you could feed yourself and your family with your rod and reel. We like to know that we can be self-reliant; that we can walk away from our cell phones and the internet and the social media that permeates our lives and not only survive, but thrive. I watch my children and all of their video games and I recall how, in my youth, the first video game I came in contact with in the form of pong and kept me occupied for about half an hour before I put it down and went out into the real world to entertain myself. These days, the nature of the world is such that we are pulled away from our natural habitat…think about that phrase for a second…”natural habitat”… do you think of your “natural habitat” and conjure up images of the woods and waters you long to escape

English: Fishermen

English: Fishermen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to, or do you see yourself in an office or cubicle? Unfortunately, I think a lot of us out there tend to identify with the corporate, urban vision out of habit. I thinkĀ  that’s a shame and we should strive to get out of that environment as often as possible and change that because, THAT is why we all fish at the bottom of all our other reasons!

Tight lines, Darin

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