Next up; the Heddon Tiny Torpedo by Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater

Man all battle stations and ready the tubes; it’s Torpedo time! Don’t you just love my whimsical metaphors? No comments necessary; really. Yesterday, I wrote about the Bomber Flat-A. Next up, in no particular order, is the Heddon Tiny Torpedo in my favorite color…Clear!

You are probably thinking what I first thought…’Clear? The fish can hardly see it!’ Eggzactly!

Yes, I’ve used other colors and had success, but I really like the clear because I think the fact that it’s harder to see actually triggers the fish a little more. They can feel the movement and see something but they are forced to strike at it while they have the chance. I’ve had great success on top of the water with this little meanie by varying from the slash and pause to cranking and some side to side motion that really doesn’t qualify as ‘walking the dog’ because of the size; it’s more like ‘shaking the chihauha’. Whatever you call it, the fish do respond when they’re in a top water mood. I find equal success with the Baby Torpedo and the Spook sized lures, but I’m partial to the big response to the Tiny Torpedo. Put one along the shoreline in the early morning and see what comes to breakfast! Again, my favorite spot to get them (because, yes-I’m lazy!) is here at Lurenet:

In case you’re wondering, I AM a guide rep for a lot of the brands I will talk about, but I get exactly nothing from featuring them; my motivation is to make you a better angler so that should you ever come out to fish with us, my job is easy!

Tight lines and have a blessed day,


Later today or perhaps tomorrow, I’ll be telling you about my new soft plastic supplier, the bold claims he made about his baits and exactly why he can make those claims!

About Gil

Fishing guide and owner of Greasy Creek Outfitters ( and interested in tent and rv camping, extreme weather camping, mysterious tales and much more as well, of course!
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2 Responses to Next up; the Heddon Tiny Torpedo by Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater

  1. atcisme says:

    Gil….As you know soft plastics are my go to bait on most days…..1 because they are effective….2 because I like fishing them. Went to the river last few days, tangled with a very large muskie, but no joy, while the numbers of smallies has slowed the larger fish are still active and hungry… landed several 14in +, can’t wait to read about your new plastic and give them a try……

  2. greasygil says:

    That I do, John. Soft plastics can be the most successful baits we use, when fished right. And they’re the topic of today’s discussion!

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