No kidding; it’s the BOMB-ER! By Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater

As a fishing guide, I am rather opinionated about what will and won’t work on the New River. As a humble fishing guide, I’ve learned to never say never when I look at a lure, and from time to time, when the fishing is slow, I’ll have a client pull something out to try and it pays off. The Bomber Flat-A is one of those lures. A few years back I had a client on who was a great bass fisherman but the fish were finicky and we were having a time of it. When Steve asked me if I wanted to try the Bomber, I was all for it as we had thrown them everything with little result. Long story short, I found another stand-by lure!

Here it is: the Bomber Flat-A in Fire Tiger…

Because of the rocky bottom structure of the river, I am always very hesitant about using divers- they can be tricky in shallow water and a downright nightmare if the fisherman is overzealous with them; you’ll spend more time getting off of snags than you will fishing.

The Bomber Flat-A is unique though. The weighting of the lure and the position of the lip allows you to avoid getting hung up most of the time if you let slack on the line as soon as you feel it start to hang. It’s very slightly buoyant and once you let off, it will usually float right off. Most of the time, when the lip hits the bottom or a rock or other structure, the lure will do a somersault over it and keep on going. Grassy areas can be frustrating, but if you fish it easy, you can skim just over the beds without too much of a problem.

How I like to fish it- although it is a standard crank bait, I also like to slash it for variety; crank it down and then slash, pause and reel as well as just cranking it in. The pause is often where the fish make their move and they generally don’t grab it; they slam into it with everything they’ve got.

Although my personal favorite is the Fire Tiger shown above, it also comes in numerous colors to suit your tastes as well. At under $5.00 a lure, they won’t break the bank either. You can get them at Walmart, Dick’s and Bass Pro, or you can order them here: from the fine folks at

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3 Responses to No kidding; it’s the BOMB-ER! By Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater

  1. John says:

    Great info! Always looking for new options for the new.

  2. Chris Jenkins says:

    NIcely done Darin. Bomber has stood the test of time because of its effectiveness, durability, and its ability to put fish in the boat regardless the body of water it’s used on. I rememeber some 15 years ago I used the model A. firetiger in every situation I came across, i.e. rivers, ponds, lakes, you name it, and the lure produced solid results. Now there are over 42 colors to choose from. I creamed the bucketmouths on the Bomber Fat A. in citrus shad a couple of years ago and found a new love in that bait as well. The Balsa model B. is an amazing bait if you can still find it. Anglers don’t know what they are missing if they overlook this line of baits. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, and as always, keep it in the big bass zone.

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