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Why do we fish? By Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater, Greasy Creek Outfitters

If you ask any fishermen that question, the answers you get will vary among those you ask, but I think you’ll also find a common theme: solitude. Even when you’re out with friends casting to an illusive quarry, you have … Continue reading

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Soft plastics; why I love them and why I love my new supplier. By Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater

Like GCO Guide John Shutte (atcisme), who commented on the Heddon Tiny Torpedo article about his love of soft plastics, I too prefer them. The crankbaits we’ve talked about so far have their place in the water on days where … Continue reading

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Next up; the Heddon Tiny Torpedo by Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater

Man all battle stations and ready the tubes; it’s Torpedo time! Don’t you just love my whimsical metaphors? No comments necessary; really. Yesterday, I wrote about the Bomber Flat-A. Next up, in no particular order, is the Heddon Tiny Torpedo … Continue reading

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No kidding; it’s the BOMB-ER! By Darin ‘Gil’ Gillenwater

As a fishing guide, I am rather opinionated about what will and won’t work on the New River. As a humble fishing guide, I’ve learned to never say never when I look at a lure, and from time to time, … Continue reading

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The spin we put on things…

Any angler knows that there simply is no single technique or lure that will work in all situations. We learn this lesson over and over again every time we get on the water; one day, they’ll be tearing at spinner … Continue reading

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Here we go…

Well kiddies, here we go! I’ve wanted to start a fishing blog for a long time, but with the pace of life, I’ve not been able to get it going until now. Once we’re started and have everything established, it … Continue reading

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