Driftboat frames are constructed, all fingers (mostly) intact!

Check out the update on the driftboat…and my mishap.

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New Video up!

The “tentshop” is up and running. Now to create the rest of the frames.

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TentShop 1..2…3.0 is here!

Finally after weather delays and other issues, the TentShop is up and secured! I still have some additional anchoring to do but I believe it will stay in place this time…I hope!

As you can see in the pic, half the floor is concrete and the other half is a wooden deck type floor. The deck has also settled, but I can level the strongback to it. Now to get the rest of the frames completed along with the strongback and we’re in business!

We’ve got the workspace now!

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First frame is complete…

I was finally able to get everything together and create the first frame piece. I did this with a dad blade on my portable table saw and figured out that the lap joints will be much easier accomplished (and safer) with a router table. More to follow.

First frame, glued and screwed.
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And so it begins…

I know, been a long time but I’ve been getting my shop set up. I have, however, completed the first frame member. More to follow…

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Our redesigned website is live!

I was finally able to get everything together and put our revamped website up. Visit http://www.greasycreekoutfitters.com and take a look. The site will continuously grow, so check back often!

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Rough week or so, but a lot of progress was made.

So, we talked about the revelation with the placement of the portable carport for the drift boat. I also, finally, have gotten into the shop/shed and started to get it set up as well. Actually, I got a lot done. Still a bit to go though. I’m hoping to make a short video to at least put out some information.

In the end, though, I’m consolidating a lot into the shed/shop and going to be working out of it first for the frame build(s) and once the snow we got melts, I’m going to set up on the deck for the strongback and assembly.

I’m getting nervous because I’m running out of time. I should be able to work through the whole thing in a short amount of time for the most part, but I still have to design and install the interior after that…

I’ll probably at a bare minimum do a temporary installation of the seats, oarlocks and etc. and then build on as I go if I have to, but I really wanted everything done at once.

Anyway, I just didn’t want to be silent too long.

Tight lines and God Bless,


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Well, duh!

So, in the midst of my aggravation over the tent needing to be replaced and how best to secure the new one, I happened to look out the side window and had a “Why didn’t I think of that before?” moment.

In the side yard to our house is a concrete pad with a deck platform built on to it that I’ve got slated for later destruction to make room for our future deck project. A quick measurement revealed that it is just right in size for the portable carport, it’s flat and assumed to be level, so none of the worries I’d have with the other location and I can easily and very securely mount it and anchor it down so that there is no concern for the wind anymore!

I guess it never occurred to me before as I had/have a bunch of things on it waiting their turn to be the project of the day and none of them need to stay there. So, I’ll be getting that cleared off tomorrow and maybe possibly getting the tent back up and anchored as well so we can get on with the first step in the boat build; construction of the frame pieces.

At any rate, I’ll be ready to roll with the next video soon.

Tight lines and God Bless,


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Anbull Diesel Heater up and running.

Today I put the Anbull heater into operation. Watch this short video and see how it went. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w83c72bVgU

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Getting frustrated but making progress.

So I purchased a portable carport, 10’x20′ to use as a workshop space to build the driftboat in. I bought it back in August of 2020 and not once but twice the wind picked the sucker up and flipped it. The second time, the frame and top were destroyed.

Luckily the manufacturer agreed to send me a brand new one that I will be securing in a completely different way to make sure that it stays put. Adding to my frustration, I had to package up the old tent and send it back to the manufacturer but I got it done and they’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Once we get a day that is calm, I’ll put the new one up but I’m going to secure it with straps over top of it, a guy line coming off the peak in the predominant wind direction and add 2″x5″ pressure treated lumber in an “L” shape that I’ll put the feet on and screw them to it. On the upright of the “L” I will be putting grommets in the bottom skirt of the tent and using screws and washers to attach them to the wood so that wind can’t get up underneath the sides.

I figure between the 8 80lb buckets of concrete and the 2′ long stakes as well as the additional bracing I’m going to apply, I should be OK. I’ll include pics and a video tour once all of this is done, but if this sucker blows away again, I’m done!

Anyway, it’s been a few days and although there’s not a lot of news in this one, I wanted to make a post for you.

As always, tight lines and God Bless,


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